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OlyEcosystems welcomes people of all backgrounds, and seeks to foster a culture of respect, openness, learning, integrity, honesty, and a sense of fun. Read more about our commitment to diversity

All of our committees support our mission to protect, preserve, and restore diverse ecosystems in Olympia, WA. 

Support a committee as a volunteer or
join the Board of Directors.

Executive Committee

  • President
    • Oversee operations of entire organization.
    • Provide leadership to the Board of Directors.
    • Chairs meetings of the Board after developing the agenda with the Vice President.
    • Encourage Board’s role in strategic planning.
    • Serve ex officio as a member of committees and attends their meetings when invited.
    • Help guide and mediate Board actions with respect to organizational priorities and governance concerns.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Board.
    • Evaluate annually the performance of the organization in achieving its mission.
  • Vice President
    • Communicate monthly with President.
    • Stand in when President is unavailable.
    • Serves ex officio as a member of committees and attends their meetings when invited.
    • Develop Board Meeting Agenda with the President.
  • Secretary
    • Maintain records of the Board and ensures effective management of organization’s records.
    • Manage minutes of Board meetings
    • Ensure minutes are distributed to members shortly after each meeting
    • Is sufficiently familiar with legal documents (articles, bylaws, IRS letters, etc.) to note applicability during meetings.
    • Create and maintain the organization’s calendar and cross-references other important local events.
  • Treasurer
    • Manage finances of the organization
    • Administer fiscal matters of the organization
    • Provide annual budget to the Board for members’ approval
    • Ensure development and Board review of financial policies and procedures

Board Composition Committee

  • Recruit new Board members
  • Orientation for new Board members (orientation for new volunteers would fall under Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Create and maintain Conflict of Interest statements
  • Create position descriptions (for Board positions and committee positions). Collaborate with other directors to ensure accuracy of descriptions
  • Maintain Organization Chart and Contact Info

Communications Committee

  • Create and updates organization Communications Plan.
  • Work with Board Members to design talking points.
  • Create and maintain media and publications including website, social media, brochures, business cards, radio spots, videos, posters, letterhead, thank you notes, etc.
  • Work collaboratively with other committees with a need for printed or other media materials.

Community Outreach/Education Committee

  • Track and staff events such as Love Our Local, Nisqually Watershed Festival, PS I love you, etc.
  • Work collaboratively with Communications Committee, Volunteer Coordinator, and Education Committee.
  • Create educational opportunities to connect the community with the project sites (such as collaborating with GRuB for forest food walks).
  • Work collaboratively with Communications Committee, Volunteer Coordinator, and Community Outreach Committee.
  • Programs and partnerships with the general public.

Conservation Committee

The Conservation Director oversees and provides day-to-day management and strategic direction for the land conservation and stewardship program, which entails conservation planning to identify new conservation opportunities, developing new conservation easement and fee property acquisition projects, overseeing proper stewardship and administration of properties already acquired, and ensuring compliance with national land trust accreditation. The Conservation Director works closely with the Executive Director and the Lands and Stewardship Committees of the Board of Directors to:
  • Implement strategic, science-based acquisition of OlyEcosystems’ property interests.
  • Prepare and implement property protection strategies, negotiate donations and purchases of conservation properties, and prepare baseline documentation reports and conservation easements.
  • Perform landowner outreach and correspondence, coordinate annual easement monitoring by volunteer stewards, and oversee due diligence procedures for conservation projects.
  • Develop and oversee public education and outreach programs, workshops, and other activities that advance the role of wilderness conservation and connectivity.
  • Develop and implement an annual work program and schedule for land and easement acquisition, stewardship, education, and outreach.
  • Help raise funds for planning, stewardship, education, and outreach activities.
Development Committee
  • Manage grants: Compile and update database of relevant funding sources, oversee grant applications, projects, and reports.
  • Create the membership program: Friends of OlyEcosystems.
  • Lead annual fundraisers.
  • Coordinate product sales.
  • Generate other fundraising ideas.
  • Work collaboratively with Communications Committee, Volunteer Coordinator, and Financial Committee.
Finance Committee
  • Collaborate with Treasurer
    • To develop the annual budget and track spending.
    • To maintain compliance with accounting and tax regulations.
  • Collaborate with Development Committee
    • To manage accounts related to fundraising and product sales.
    • To set fiscal goals.
  • Oversee land acquisitions and other legally binding financial commitments.
  • Research and purchase board and liability insurance.
Partnerships Committee
  • Liaise with other local organizations such as those seeking assistance with emerging land protection needs.
  • Build partnerships with government and non-government entities.
  • Liaise with universities and colleges to create and implement educational opportunities such as faculty research, student research, and student internships.
  • Liaise with landowners and other prominent stakeholders.
  • Professional, business, and institutional collaborations.
Restoration Committee
  • Plan and manage restoration projects
  • Work collaboratively with Volunteer Coordinator, Communications Committee, and Education Committee.
  • Provide a central role in implementing all restoration projects, including those that result from a high-level of citizen engagement.
Non-Committee Positions Volunteer Coordinator
  • Work collaboratively with Restoration, Development, Public Outreach, and Communications Committees. (Each of these committees responsible for managing their own volunteers.)
  • Maintain a database of volunteers including contact information and work preferences.
  • Coordinate volunteer appreciation efforts.
  • Maintains a list of relevant media (e.g., United Way, Facebook, etc) used for recruiting volunteers.
  • Train committees to recruit and coordinate the volunteers needed for each project.
  • Conduct new volunteer orientation.
  • Manage volunteers at events or provides training to committee member to do so.
Policy Coordinator
  • Provide leadership and coordination regarding science policy as it related to organization’s mission.
  • Liaise with government and non-government entities regarding policy development.