Open Washington State Work Study Opportunity – Ecological Restoration Technician

OlyEcosystems is a 501(c)(3) non-profit conservation organization focused on protecting, preserving and restoring urban ecosystems within Olympia, WA. To accomplish its goals, OlyEcosystems relies on both paid and volunteer work to support restoration efforts and ongoing maintenance of properties we’ve placed into conservation in perpetuity. This position is focused on restoring habitat within urban conservation areas in and around Olympia. Tasks may include clearing land of invasive species, site preparation for planting, and planting new species within properties located in and around Olympia.

Work Study students may work in pairs or with an OlyEcosystems board member when on site. Work days and times are all negotiable, within the parameters of students’ Work Study guidelines.

Minimum Qualifications:
· Able to provide your own transportation
· WA State driver’s license clear of suspension or revocation
· Able to provide your own protective gear (boots, gloves)
· Work requires heavy muscular effort or exertion, but not continuous. Candidates shall be able to lift 50 lbs. and walk over uneven and steep terrain.
· Ability to work outdoors in uneven terrain and in various weather conditions
· First Aid / CPR certified

The ideal candidate will have an interest in learning about pacific northwest plants, local ecosystems and restoration methods, and plant propagation methods.

1 positions open until filled.

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