Stormwater Park North

This project consists of a detached remnant shoreline forest that includes the impervious slabs of now demolished out-buildings of a defunct plywood mill. The hillside forest is dominated by bigleaf maple, red alder and some second-growth Douglas fir. This area presents a meaningful opportunity to address water quality issues with green infrastructure and forest restoration. The objectives for this project are to install neighborhood-scale green infrastructure to treat 2.24 ac-ft/day (730,000 gallons/day) of urban runoff that flows directly into Budd Inlet and to create a publicly-accessible community space that supports education, recreation, and art. This overall project will consist of three phases.

Phase 1: Installation of a hydrodynamic separator to remove sediment and other macro-pollutants from the stormwater, and a flow control structure to divert 40% of the pre-treated stormwater into a constructed 13,000 sq ft wetland, which will improve water quality through infiltration, aeration, and vegetative uptake.


Phase 2: Installation of a compact engineered filtration unit to treat remaining 60% of peak flows by immobilizing and volatilizing pollutants, including nutrients, metals, and hydrocarbons.


Phase 3: Construction of an elevated public boardwalk with water-themed art installations to align with the City of Olympia’s Comprehensive Plan and to create a sense of place with themed ‘Gateways’ throughout the city.



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