Stormwater Park South

This project focuses on restoring and revegetating an area that was cleared for an aborted development and to construct a landscaped stormwater pond that would significantly enhance stormwater treatment of upland flows by increasing capacity and by reducing flow through the adjacent contaminated Reliable Steel site located on the Budd Inlet shoreline. The location of the proposed pond was once a parking lot for the now defunct Reliable Steel plant.

Restoration and reforestation of this 2-acre project area will serve to stabilize the denuded slopes and, over time, reduce runoff through transpiration and interception. It will also serve to enhance habitat and biodiversity in the recovering West Bay Woods. Construction of the stormwater pond will also significantly enhance stormwater treatment of the upland neighborhood by increasing capacity and reducing flow through the contaminated Reliable Steel site located across West Bay Drive on the Budd Inlet shoreline.

Importantly, the eastern edge of this project area consists of remnant feeder bluffs that once marked the pre-settlement shoreline of West Bay in Budd Inlet. We believe that remediating and restoring the shoreline is urgent, as the entire shoreline is threatened by sea-level rise, and more recently, incompatible development proposals.


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