Yet Another Work Party at Cooper Crest

Over the past couple of Saturdays, you have helped us remove literally tens of thousands of little scotch broom starts. We are making headway, but we are not done. Tens of thousands of small (6”-10”) scotch broom seedlings are distributed throughout the site will grow quickly and threaten our progress in reforestation. The good news is that these seedlings are relatively easy to pull out of the ground if we act now!

Scotch broom is on the list of quarantined noxious weeds in the State of Washington. It displaces native and beneficial plants, causing loss of grassland and open forest. It aggressively spreads to form monocultures, replacing desirable forage grasses and young trees.

So please come and join us this coming Saturday to pull out innumerable (but not infinite) scotch broom seedlings from what was formerly the forest floor. Many hands make light work. What will be light work if we all pitch in on Saturday will become immeasurably harder if we wait even a few more months.

You can make an impact by volunteering with us and spreading the word!

Where: Cooper Crest in the Green Cove Creek watershed, 2922 20th Ave NW.
When: Saturday, July 1, 10am – 2pm.
Parking: Along 20th Ave NW. Overflow parking at Marshall Middle School.
What to bring: Work gloves and a can-do attitude. We will provide water and light snacks.

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