ˈEKŌˌSISTƏM,ˈĒKŌ-/A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.​

Our Mission

The Olympia Coalition for Ecosystems Preservation (OlyEcosystems) was established to protect, preserve, and restore the diverse ecosystems of Olympia, Washington that include the freshwater, shoreline, tidal waters, and upland forests that are home to the Pacific Great Blue Heron, cutthroat trout, salmon, and companion species. In coordination with community members, local agencies, and other non- profit groups, we work to ensure that these ecosystems remain vital in perpetuity. OlyEcosystems is organized exclusively for the above purpose under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code or any corresponding section of any future tax code.

Our Vision

OlyEcosystems is driven by our understanding of the intrinsic value of all creatures in our ecosystem. We are united in our value of biodiversity and belief that the community is enriched and defined by a relationship to the wilderness in our midst.

We are a volunteer-run, community-based urban conservation and advocacy group in Olympia, Washington. Our focus is the urban shoreline and associated watersheds in Olympia. 

We recognize that the health of this ecosystem must be restored in order to reverse the decline in water quality and habitat quality in the South Puget Sound. This decline dramatically impacts salmon and many other species including the human community.

Our current focus, the West Bay Woods, serves critical ecological functions, is a refuge for urban wildlife, and is integral to the community’s sense of place. In addition to providing heron habitat, West Bay Woods’ stormwater filtration role is of heighted importance, as the Woods is located just upland of some of the most contaminated shoreline in Thurston County.

OlyEcosystems is unique among organizations in this region, in that we focus exclusively on protecting, preserving, and restoring important habitat in Olympia’s urban core.